Space Week in 4th class

4th class enjoyed Space Week. Many created their own project and believe me they were creative!!. They learned all about the moon and its 8phases and made their own headband to help identify where moon could be.

Engineering week 5th-11th March 2022

As part of Engineers week, 4th class received a visit from “Anyone 4Science” where they learned to make a force metre and test the strength of jelly sweets. They learned about pulling forces, fair testing and reliable testing. Most importantly they learned how strong jelly sweets can be!! 🤣🤣

Fourth Class Artists 2022

We looked at various perspective art pieces and created our own piece of perspective art. The students really enjoyed it and liked the end product.

Maths Week 16th – 24th Oct 2021

During maths week we played various maths games in yard , we did a maths trail in the school car park and we played fraction games in class.

Space Week 4th-10th October 2021

We were so excited for space week as made some of our own projects based on space, we learned all about the phases of the moon and we created our own moon phase headbands. We also did our own version of Starry Night.

Chess Club

Chess club was a huge success again this year! A big thank you to Ms Walsh, Mr Keoghan and Ms Kavanagh for all their dedication in developing this skill. The lunch time practice really paid off! Well done to the children for all the enthusiasm and interest they showed in learning how to play chess and developing the many skill associated with this.

A school chess tournament was held in February ’20 in the Ballincollig Gaelscoil. Children from the club competed in all levels. The children performed excellently during the day and were a credit to the school.