Book Rental Scheme

In the present financial climate it is important to keep costs to parents to a minimum. Our book rental scheme saves parents a lot of money, especially as children get older. The scheme is operated by our school on behalf of the board of management . The money is then used to buy sets of books for the class which are used by the children in school . They are normally replaced because the books are out of date rather than because of the condition of the books. Parents of children who damage a book will be asked to replace the book. The following table shows the value of the books which are rented in each class:

Class Cost of Books Cost of Rental Savings
Junior Infants €15.45 €5.00 €10.45
Senior  Infants €24.20 €7.50 €16.70
1st Class €33.35 €10.00 €23.35
2nd Class €42.25 €10.00 €32.25
3rd Class €89.45 €20.00 €69.45
4th Class €91.90 €20.00 €71.90
5th Class €93.35 €20.00 €73.35
6th Class €93.70 €20.00 €73.70

For the Book Rental scheme to be effective it will need the support and co-operation of all families. Please note that class novels are also included in the scheme this year at no extra cost and are not calculated in the above.

It is also proposed to purchase further books to add to the scheme over the next few years while hopefully not increasing the cost of rental too much.

Please complete the form below and return it to your child’s current teacher by Friday June 2nd . The money should be paid once the children return to school on Wednesday 30th August. Once payment has been received teachers will distribute books to the pupils.
Cheques should be made payable to “Rathduff National School”.

Alan Dennehy, Príomhoide

Book Rental Scheme Form