Confession 2022

After a long wait Rang a dó made their Confession on the 5th of May 2022. We look forward to receiving Jesus in a special way on the 28th of May for our First Holy Communion.

iPad Maths

Every Tuesday morning we use the iPads to revise our times tables. We love playing games like Daily 10 and Hit the button and trying to beat our previous score.

New PE equipment

The kids were absolutely thrilled to get loads of new PE equipment this week. We had to try out everything and had lots of fun in the process. It’s fantastic to have such high quality equipment to teach and learn new skills.
A massive thank you to Ms. Wiseman, Maria and all the parents association for this! We all hugely appreciate the generosity and continued support!

Seachtain na Gaeilge 🇮🇪

A fantastic week of learning Gaeilge in various ways. From learning the famous Haka, writing stories and finishing it off with a Kahoot quiz on the school iPads. Have a look at our Seesaw to see our rendition of the Haka Gaelach. Prizes all round for excellent participation. Maith sibh! ☘️☘️

Engineering Week 2022

Rang a dó finished off Engineering Week with a visit from Anyone4Science. The children loved exploring whether Rapunzel could use sweets to get down from her tower. Using water to test the force required, we experimented to see when the sweet would break. Great fun was had! A big thanks to Mrs. Cunnane for organising the workshop.

Rince Seite

Bhíomar ag baint taitneamh as rince seite le Rose. D’fhoghlaimíomar cúpla damhsa nua. Bhí an-craic agus ceol againn.

Young Bakers

As a result of our fantastic work in class, one of our class goals was to go baking. We had a fantastic time baking cookies from scratch. Each pupil had the chance to mix, prepare and most importantly, eat the delicious cookies.

Máirt na bPancóga

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday this week. A lot of us had our last indulgence of chocolate before we took our lenten promise.

World Book Day 2022

We celebrated World Book Day 2022 on the 3rd of March. While this day is dedicated to celebrating the fantastic minds of famous authors around the world, this day was slightly different for our class. Today, we celebrated us as authors. Over the past few weeks we have prepared a day in the life story about ourselves as Gaeilge and today was publishing day. We couldn’t be prouder of our efforts, maith thú!

Safer Internet Day 2022

On February the 8th, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We learned all about how to stay safe while browsing the internet and what to look out for. We met Ruby and Archie from HTML Heroes who showed us some tips. We discussed too much screen time and how to make sure we are not spending too much time online and on apps. As we learned from Ruby and Archie, “balance is key“.

Our 5 tops tips to staying safe on the internet are:

  1. Stop, Think, and Check with a grown up when you are on the internet.
  2. Always tell a grown up if you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe while on the internet.
  3. Look for a padlock in the search bar. This tells us the website is safe.
  4. Look for “https” in the search bar – the “s” means secure.
  5. Check for the age rating of websites and apps to ensure it is appropriate.