Safer Internet Day 2022

On February the 8th, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We learned all about how to stay safe while browsing the internet and what to look out for. We met Ruby and Archie from HTML Heroes who showed us some tips. We discussed too much screen time and how to make sure we are not spending too much time online and on apps. As we learned from Ruby and Archie, “balance is key“.

Our 5 tops tips to staying safe on the internet are:

  1. Stop, Think, and Check with a grown up when you are on the internet.
  2. Always tell a grown up if you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe while on the internet.
  3. Look for a padlock in the search bar. This tells us the website is safe.
  4. Look for “https” in the search bar – the “s” means secure.
  5. Check for the age rating of websites and apps to ensure it is appropriate.