New Year’s Resolution

Kindness and friendship are so important to the children and staff in Rathduff N.S. and what better way to reflect this than to start the new year; 2019 with a kindness board. As a New Year’s resolution the children in fifth class collectively decided “to be kinder to one another”. In class they spoke about individuality and unique personalities and reflected that even though they are different from each other they are all friends and “all fit together”. They created a kindness board in the classroom and each day a pupil’s name is drawn out of a hat.  The other children in the class then  write their favourite thing about that person or give a compliment. These messages are then put on the kindness board. At the end of each school day the person whose name was picked out comes up to the board and reads all the nice things their classmates wrote about them. They are really enjoying it so far. What a great idea!