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The NCSE is providing online resources for children with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure. Materials developed by Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists can be accessed following the link below:

See updates, latest news and information relating to services & support on the NCSE website

Follow the below link for top tips for parents:


Information on helpful Apps from NCSE: remember that not all apps are suitable for all needs – so please take the time to consider which would match to your child’s needs.

 Glow Draw – the writing glows as you draw – fine motor, practice spellings or just relaxing – FREE
 DodgeDot – alerting game – matching colours, fine motor, gets harder as more dots appear – FREE
 Bubbles – create bubbles and then pop them, alerting and relaxing – google to find this one – €0.49
 Tiny Piano – free play or play along to a tune as the keys light up – FREE
 Draw Stars! – relaxing – stars appear as you draw your finger along the screen – also use to practice spellings if need motivation to engage – Free
 Flow Free – alerting and problem solving – the puzzle gets harder each level and it has a daily challenge – FREE
 I Fireworks – alerting – make fireworks – record your show and watch it back – FREE for lite version – €1.09 for other version
 Sensory Just Touch – very alerting for sensory seekers – very visual – FREE
 Art of Glow – draw using various shapes that glow the colours of the rainbow – FREE
 Fluid – very relaxing – move your finger over water – listen to the music – change the picture from pebbles to their favourite teddy if you wish – FREE
 Fluid Dynamics– relaxing – watch as your drawing melts away – FREE
 Finger_Paint – whiteboard with 6 colours to paint a picture – FREE
 Silk – draw flowing art – €3.49



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Resources attached include a social narrative about:

  • The “Corona Virus”
  • “Social distancing” and a
  • Home schedule toolkit
Coronavirus Social Story credit Easterseals
Social distancing social story Credit Easterseals
School Closure Toolkit easterseals